Feb 14 • 52M

Ep. 3 SwagHer Surfing with Chandra Gore | SwagHer Magazine

Media Circus Podcast with Taiisha Bradley, Celebrity Publicist

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Your Publicist, Taiisha
Chandra Gore
Entrepreneurs and brands, experts of all industries... Taiisha Bradley, Master of Communication Arts is proud to present her Media Circus Podcast! The #1 podcast that gets up close and personal with media pros who share their industry tips to help everyday entrepreneurs send better pitches that get featured by the media. We also talk to the people behind the stories we see in the media about their experiences being in the spotlight!
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Chandra Gore is a freelance writer for publications such as Pretty Women Hustle and SwagHer Magazine. Chandra brings her wit, unique comedic timing, laughter, and bubbly personality to the scene as a host, media correspondent, and moderator. Conversations with Chan is her personal brand, which includes a podcast, YouTube series, and publication. "Conversations Begin with a Smile," her slogan, leads the way, as she begins every endeavor with a smile. She is the author of several books, moderator, and speaker on business strategies, media relations, and entrepreneurship. Chandra Gore Consulting, her boutique consulting and public relations firm, works with entrepreneurs and individuals to lay the groundwork for success and understand how to gain visibility through media outreach.

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