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Ep. 12 TV Gold with Denise Hendricks, MSNBC Executive Producer

Ep. 12 TV Gold with Denise Hendricks, MSNBC Executive Producer

Our next act here at the Media Circus Podcast is Denise Hendricks, Executive Producer at MSNBC!

In the first episode of our new season, Denise chats with Taiisha Bradley to share so many gold “nuggets” of information to help you get closer to your next, — or even first, appearance on mainstream TV news shows and talk shows. Drawing on her experience producing shows like the Monique show on BET, Denise illuminates the dynamics of celebrity-driven, late-night talk shows. She discusses how strategic guest selection comes into play, considering factors such as guests' current projects and media presence.

Guest Bio:

Denise Hendricks is a seasoned media professional with an impressive background in television production. With extensive experience as an executive producer at MSNBC, senior producer at CNN Headline News, and managing the iconic HLN Morning Express with Robin Mead show, Denise is a wealth of knowledge in the TV industry. She has also spearheaded the launch of the award-winning The Monique Show on BET and produced segments for the Revolution talk show under Disney ABC Television Group's banner. Denise's journey in media, including stints at CNN and Harpo Productions as an associate and field producer, offers a wealth of insights into the intricacies of television production. Her expertise and diverse roles make her an invaluable source of strategies, tips, and insider information for aspiring TV producers and media professionals.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the essential roles and responsibilities in television production for a behind-the-scenes look at creating TV content.

  • Learn the do’s and don'ts of pitching to TV news media, gaining insight into the strategies that secure media coverage and exposure for your projects.

  • Uncover the dynamics of late-night talk shows and the art of guest selection, gaining valuable insights into captivating and engaging audience through your interview.

  • Learn what goes into compelling TV media pitches, and learn how to get noticed, securing attention for your projects and ideas.

  • Be inspired by Denise Hendricks' career journey, gaining valuable insights and motivation to pursue your own aspirations in journalism.

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