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Ep 15. Get Fit for TV with News Anchor, Greg Funderburg

Ep 15. Get Fit for TV with News Anchor, Greg Funderburg

In this episode of the Media Circus podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting the renowned TV personality, Greg Funderburg. Greg shared his journey from being a shy individual to becoming a successful news anchor and reporter. He emphasized the importance of authenticity and finding one's own voice in the media industry.

Greg also delved into the topic of mental health, sharing his personal experiences and highlighting the significance of prioritizing self-care. He discussed the impact of COVID-19 on his life, leading to a period of self-reflection and the pursuit of new projects, such as writing children's books.

The conversation shifted towards pitching tips for entrepreneurs looking to feature on the news. Greg emphasized the need for relevance, engaging personalities, and concise communication when pitching story ideas. He also stressed the importance of promoting oneself on social media and following up after media appearances.

As the episode progressed, Greg shared insights on fitness and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He encouraged listeners to prioritize their physical and mental well-being, emphasizing the need for balance and self-care.

Overall, the episode provided valuable insights into the world of media, entrepreneurship, mental health, and self-promotion, offering practical tips and personal anecdotes from Greg Funderburg's illustrious career in the industry.

  • Introduction to the Media Circus Podcast: 00:00:00

  • Guest Introduction and Exclusive Podcast Appearance: 00:00:50

  • Discussion on Makeup and TV Interviews: 00:02:04

  • Personal Journey and Career Reflection: 00:06:05

  • Advice on Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth: 00:09:12

  • Importance of Finding Your Voice in Journalism: 00:11:24

  • Mental Health and Self-Care Discussion: 00:24:10

  • Starting "Get Fit with Greg": 00:30:57

  • Pitching Tips for Media Coverage: 00:34:08

  • What Media Sources Look For in Pitches: 00:35:28

  • Criteria for Accepting Pitches and Guest Interviews: 00:44:45

"The only person who is going to promote you is you. And if you don't promote yourself, nobody else is going to do it." - 00:43:56-00:44:06

"The last thing you want to do is book somebody to come on the show and they're like, you know, you have a producer in your ear and it's like, oh my gosh, can you liven this person up?" - 00:45:30-00:45:40

"The most important thing is, when you're pitching a story, make sure that it has some sort of relevance to the market where you're pitching it." - 00:46:33-00:46:44

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