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Ep. 16 Let's Talk Tubi with Therron Dumas, Actor & Director

Ep. 16 Let's Talk Tubi with Therron Dumas, Actor & Director

Today we have a BONUS episode of the Media Circus podcast, and we’re joined by the multi-talented Therron Dumas!

Therron’s journey from Navy veteran to award-winning actor, writer, director, and producer is nothing short of inspiring. With over 60 films to his name and a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, his impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable.

But Therron’s story is more than accolades. From Newark, NJ, to international acclaim, he’s a testament to passion and perseverance. Tune in as we uncover the secrets behind his success and what aspiring filmmakers can learn from his experiences.

PS: Therron’s hit movie Premeditated Murder is on Tubi for FREE for less than 24 hours before it comes down for a brief hiatus so grab some popcorn & watch it tonight!! Leave your reviews in the comments for Therron to check out!

Tubi is getting a fresh look! It's your same favorite streaming haven, with all the free movies, shows, and live TV you crave, now rocking a brand new outfit!


00:03:08 - Introduction to Therron Dumas
Taiisha introduces Therron Dumas, a Navy veteran turned award-winning actor, writer, director, and producer with over 50 films to his name. His journey from Newark, New Jersey, to international acclaim is truly inspiring.

00:08:18 - Therron's Professional Titles
Therron discusses his professional titles, including actor, director, writer, and vocalist. He explains his approach as a director, drawing on his experience as an actor to create a comfortable and authentic environment for other actors.

00:13:05 - Therron's Script Writing Services
Therron talks about his script writing services and the process of turning books into scripts for film. He emphasizes the importance of creating compelling dialogue and engaging storylines that go beyond the original source material.

00:14:40 - Therron's Films
Therron briefly discusses two of his films, "Out on a Limb" and "Under His Control." He mentions his cameo in "Out on a Limb" and the impact of "Under His Control," where he portrayed a psychologically abusive character.

00:16:01 - Therron's Acting Experience
Therron shares his experience as a lead actor, discussing his emotional involvement in the role and the impact on the real-life individual the story is based on.

00:19:38 - "Premeditated Murder" Movie
Therron talks about his role as a villain in the movie "Premeditated Murder," highlighting the storyline and the limited streaming availability.

00:22:24 - The Role of Social Media
Therron emphasizes the significance of social media in promoting independent content and encourages honest opinions and reviews to boost visibility.

00:27:29 - Trending Content and Future Projects
Therron discusses the trend of urban content and previews his upcoming role as a detective in a new movie, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

00:30:55 - Tyler Perry Camp Recognition
Therron Dumas discusses his surprise at receiving recognition from Tyler Perry Camp for his work, highlighting the impact of his career on his range as an actor.

00:31:15 - Quality of Work in Independent Films
Therron emphasizes the value of independent film work and the importance of obtaining quality footage to showcase one's acting abilities, even in smaller productions.

00:32:18 - The Power of Public Relations
Therron highlights the significance of public relations and publicity in building one's personal brand, emphasizing the power of storytelling and the impact of media exposure on reaching a wider audience.

00:37:47 - Importance of Streaming TV for Entrepreneurs
Therron discusses the opportunities for entrepreneurs to engage with independent filmmakers for product placement and advertising in streaming TV content, highlighting the accessibility to actors and directors in independent film.

00:44:59 - The Media Circuit and Product Placement
Therron discusses the media circuit and product placement opportunities, emphasizing the importance of relevant and practical brand placement in movies.

00:47:53 - Building Relationships in the Industry
Therron highlights the significance of relationships in the entertainment industry, noting how it has helped him and others advance in their careers without always requiring financial compensation.

00:53:43 - Atlanta's Ugly 2.0 Series
Therron shares his experience with the Atlanta's Ugly 2.0 series, explaining how he contributed to the show's scriptwriting and the transition from improv to scripted storytelling.

00:52:29 - Media Circus in Miami
Taiisha announces the Media Circus' upcoming press day in Miami, showcasing her enthusiasm for business collaboration and networking in the South Florida area.

00:58:13 - Character Development in the Show
Therron describes the evolution of his character in the series, highlighting how the scripted nature of the show allows for more depth and flexibility in character portrayal.

00:58:47 - Excitement for the Remaining Episodes
Therron expresses his eagerness to cause some havoc in the remaining four episodes of the season, hinting at dramatic developments to come.

00:59:17 - Media Exposure
Therron discusses the various media interviews and features he has been a part of, including radio, television, and podcast appearances, showcasing his growing presence in the entertainment industry.

01:01:19 - Humility and Openness
Therron humbly expresses his willingness to be a guest on any media outlet that welcomes him, demonstrating his gratitude for the opportunities he has received so far.

01:02:08 - Seeking Support and Collaboration
Therron mentions the possibility of product placement and the need for suitable filming locations in the Atlanta area, highlighting the importance of collaboration and support in his creative endeavors.

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