Feb 22 • 31M

Ep. 4 StressLess Podcast Guesting with Jessica Harrington, MH

The Stress Less with Me, Jess Podcast

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Jessica Harrington, MH is a stress management coach and host of her own podcast, The Journey to Yourself Podcast Through her business and her podcast, Jessica helps others find happiness by helping them process their thoughts and stay in the present moment.

Learn how Jessica chooses guests to be on her podcast, how she uses batch recording to stay consistent, and she gives her best tips and advice on how entrepreneurs can earn publicity by being podcast guests.

As a thank you for tuning in to this episode of Off the Press Podcast, Jessica has offered you a FREE copy of her Time Management Guide here:


Jessica Harrington received her Master in Public Health at West Chester University. She is the owner of Journey to Yourself, is a speaker, and stress management coach. Through her career and education, she realized that we all have a common issue—everyone, at some point or another, struggles with handling stress. Through her own life journey, Jessica created her Journey To Yourself podcast.

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