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Ep. 9 Wine, Dine, and Headlines with Aly Walansky | Food & Travel Freelance Journalist

Ep. 9 Wine, Dine, and Headlines with Aly Walansky | Food & Travel Freelance Journalist

Our media guest today is a true powerhouse in the world of travel and food journalism. Aly Walansky is a New York City-based food and lifestyle journalist with a career spanning nearly two decades.

During our chat, she will unveil a of invaluable a TON of specific advice on the right ways to pitch media and building long-lasting relationships as a media source. Her wisdom comes from decades of hands-on experience, and trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of this deep dive conversation!

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00:00 - 00:41 | Media Circus Podcast Introduction

00:42 - 02:06 | Welcome Guest Speaker, Aly Walansky

02:07 - 03:34 | The Freelance Journalist

03:35 - 04:32 | Earning Income

04:33 - 07:32 | Publications

07:33 - 13:02 | Gift Guide Season

13:03 - 17:54 | Press Trips

17:55 - 19:59 | Be My Guest

20:00 - 20:39 | News Worthy Stories

20:40 - 23:17 | The AI Takeover

23:18 - 28:44 | Substack

28:45 - 30:00 | Subscribe to Media Circus on Patreon!

30:01 - 33:03 | The Vetting Process

33:04 - 37:35 | Following Up

37:36 - 39:48 | Social Media Hangout

39:49 - 42:49 | PR vs. Advertising

42:50 - 45:10 | Impactful Stories

45:11- 52:11 | Genuine Connections

52:12 - 57:41 | Working Remote

57:42 - 1:00:22 | The Bucket List Feature

1:00:23 - 1:01:18 | Closing Remarks

1:01:19 - 1:01:46 | Media Circus Podcast


Key Topics

Finding Balance

- Balancing work and press trips
- The importance of trip’s worth and creating stories to sell
- Frequency of traveling for journalist

Pitching Stories
- Pitching story ideas to editors
- Consistency in sending daily newsletters
- Quietest times to send emails

Building Connections

- The importance of consistency in newsletters
- Timing and strategies for sending emails
- The impact and importance of journalism
- Strategies for making connections with media
- Engaging with others on social media
- Gathering Stories
- Gift guides and their impact on product publicity
- Best time to prepare for holiday gift guides
- How to request comments and information from experts for newsletter content
- Source requests, links and job leads

Virtual Opportunities

- The impact of the pandemic on the media industry
- The accessibility of virtual communication platforms
- Opportunities provided by live virtual events

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

Browse. Pitch. Repeat. Earn publicity in 90 days or less!Media Circus Publicity Leads: https://www.patreon.com/mediacircusleads

Media Circus Media Speed Pitching Events: https://www.mediacircuspublicity.com/register

Visit Aly Walansky's website to learn more about her writing experience and current projects: www.alywalansky.com

Subscribe to Aly Walansky's daily Substack newsletter to receive industry insights, source needs, and updates on her latest projects: www.substack.com/alywalansky

Check out Aly Walansky's articles on Forbes.com for the latest in food and lifestyle trends: www.forbes.com/sites/alywalansky

Explore Aly Walansky's food and travel writing on Foodnetwork.com for delicious recipes and travel tips: www.foodnetwork.com/alywalansky

Discover Aly Walansky's articles on Southern Living for inspiration on home decor, entertaining, and more: www.southernliving.com/alywalansky

Find budget-friendly meal planning tips and recipes from Aly Walansky on Allrecipes.com: www.allrecipes.com/alywalansky

Follow Aly Walansky on social media for updates on her latest articles and projects:

- Instagram: @alywalansky

- Twitter: @alywalansky

For all business inquiries, please email: taiisha@taiishabradley.com

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