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Ep. 8 The Wright Way to Pitch TV Producers with Dr. Letitia Wright | The Wright Place TV Show

Ep. 8 The Wright Way to Pitch TV Producers with Dr. Letitia Wright | The Wright Place TV Show

Welcome to Media Circus Podcast with Taiisha Bradley, Celebrity Publicist. Through interviews, we aim to showcase the human side of the media industry, and give listeners a deeper understanding of the people who bring us the stories we read and watch. In addition, we talk about media pitching do’s and don’t, and how to be helpful resources to journalists.

On this episode of the Media Circus Podcast, join me and guest speaker, Dr. Letitia Wright as she shares pitching tips along with her experiences in the media industry. From establishing a credible reputation, to pitching professionally, listen in as we capture all the gems for entrepreneurs seeking to monetize their platforms. Learn how to navigate within the media industry and make connections from a seasoned producer!

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00:00 - 00:58 | Media Circus Podcast Introduction

00:59 - 03:29 | Welcome Dr. Letitia Wright

03:30 - 07:08 | Producer Lasagna

07:09 - 11:36 | The Art of Pitching

11:37 - 22:17 | Vibe Check

22:18 - 26:42 | A Little Flavoring

26:43 - 28:02 | Reputation is Everything

28:03 - 29:18 | Kim Coles is Our Business Bestie

29:19 - 29:54 | Show Your Support

29:55 - 33:45 | Nothing Else to Prove

36:15 - 37:45 | Get Involved!

37:46 - 40:56 | Become a Resource

40:58 - 43:31 | Crowdfunding Owned Media

43:32 - 45:27 | Work Smarter, Not Harder

45:28 - 48:13 | Daytime Talk Shows

48:14 - 53:03 | The Trouble with Tamron Hall

53:04 - 1:07:25 | Connecting in Media

56:20 - 57:08 | Get Connected!

57:09 - 57:46 | Closing Remarks



Tips for Pitching

- Increase direct connections with media professionals through new services and


- Show professionalism and respect for media professionals' time and deadlines

- Educate and entertain the audience, it’s not a sales opportunity

- Friday is the best day to reach out to talk shows

- Pick one producer or assistant producer to pitch to

Producers vs. Directors

- Producers are responsible for making films and tv shows come together

- Directors take direction from producers in order to create the film or tv show

- Execute Producers are people who fund the project

The Advisory Board

- Non-profit in Paris, CA that feeds 2000 people a month

- Need for professional chef and advisory board for ideas and solutions

- Commitment for advisory board members to donate and meet twelve times

Connect with Dr. Letitia Wright

Website: www.wrightplacetv.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drwright1

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/drwright1

Facebook: http://facebook.com/thewrightplacetvshow

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/drletitiawright

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/drletitiawright

SnapChat: http://snapchat.com/drwright1


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Media Circus Podcast™ with Taiisha Bradley, Celebrity Publicist
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